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Diarrhea alternating with constipation
Constipation diarrhoea diarrhea colitis & Candida we have the natural drug free remedies for relief.
Crohn's disease (included the whole GI tract)
The most frequently used stimulant laxatives are senna leaves, cascara bark, and aloe latex.

Pale stool

Gut pains, hard stools, loose bowels and ibs help.
Diverticulitis or diverticular disease is the inflammation of small sacs (diverticula) or otherwise called out-pouchings that are sometimes formed along the small or large intestine (colon) in areas of weakness.
Food allergies and lack of digestive enzymes can cause candida, IBS & colitis.
Irritable bowels syndrome & its symptoms lack og digestive juices & bowel bacteria imbalances.

The gut becomes less able to absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients - this may cause a defective immune system, a low resistence to infections etc.
Crohn's disease causes the lining of the intestines to become red, swollen or to bleed (inflammation).
The possibility exists that constipation occurring in adults and/or constipation triggered by other food allergies might also sometimes be responsible for chronic constipation in some individuals.
As the volume in the bowel increases, a reflex contraction is stimulated.

Stimulant laxatives are high in anthraquinone glycosides, which stimulate bowel muscle contraction.
Switching from white bread and white rice to whole wheat bread and brown rice often helps relieve constipation.
Insoluble fibre comes mostly from vegetables, beans, brown rice, whole wheat, rye, and other whole grains.
However, a small controlled study of eight patients with constipation concluded that six acupuncture treatments over two weeks did not improve bowel function during the course of the study.

Pale stool
Colic pains & gut pains.
Conventional treatment options: Doctors often recommend increasing both dietary fibre and fluid intake to improve bowel transit time and stool weight.
phenolphthalein, bisacodyl, senna, castor oil); and other drugs that increase water content of the stool.
A Bacteria or Viral infection

Herbs that may be helpful: The most frequently used laxatives world-wide come from plants.
Rather it has the capability to sense and react to the materials that are passed through it.
Some people with coeliac disease must remove all gluten-containing foods from their diets in order to relieve symptoms.
It is not exactly known what triggers off ulcerative colitis but aside from predisposition due to genetics, some causes are:

This happens most often in the inner layer lining of the colon and ileum (the lower part of the small intestine).
Giardiasis may be spread in day care centers if workers aren't careful to wash their hands each time after changing diapers.
Ensure an efficient digestive system
Adding water to the sponge makes it soft and easy to push through the GI tract.

stomach problems

How does a person get this disease?

Insoluble fibre from food acts like a sponge.
It starts off as ulcerations which deepen, become more fibrotic and lead to stricture.
Sometimes it is painful to pass.
Conventional treatment depends on the symptoms & severity of the condition ranging from increasing fluid & fibre to treatment with antispazmotics, antibiotics, pain killers or surgical removal of the affected colon area in extreme cases.

Digestion problems, indigestion, breakdown of food problems digestive enzymes.
The gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is a long muscular tube that functions as the food processor for the human body.
Bacteria digestive enzymes, lack of stomach acids & candida albicans infections.
The Gastrointestinal Tract

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Acidophilus Probiotics Stop Bloating Food Intolerance Diet Pains in Gut

Pale stool chrones